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Operational Effectiveness

Guidehouse has the expertise and resources to move the needle on health plan and product development, strategy, and operational readiness and implementation. Guidehouse’s experts assist payer organizations to identify and implement operational strategies ranging from network strategy to Medicare Advantage applications and vendor assessments.

Guidehouse works with both health systems and payers to identify and implement capabilities and strategies to position its clients for successful launch of their own health plans, applications, and products. Guidehouse’s payer operational readiness framework provides end-to-end support, including comprehensive project management and staff augmentation to affect on-going operational needs, while continuing to also help the client focus on the future through wide-ranging scenario planning to assess strategic opportunities in coordination with unique market characteristics.

  • Conversion
    • ACO to PSHP Conversation Opportunities
  • Medicare Advantage (MA) Entrance
    • MA applications, build vs. buy/vendor selection
  • Network Strategy
    • Provider network strategy
  • Product Strategy
    • Product and bid strategy
  • Program Strategy
    • Program build, implementation, and readiness 

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