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Data leaders are transitioning from legacy data platforms to meet data infrastructure and operational needs. Guidehouse consultants will help you modernize your data infrastructure, integrate cloud-based architectures with open source and Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) technologies, and apply agile and data ops delivery approaches to your data environment.Guidehouse offers proven data services including:

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Managing Risk to Drive Organization Value Through the Use of Data
The 16th Annual 2022 MIT CDOIQ Symposium
A Data-Centric Culture is Critical to an Organization’s Success
By embedding data centricity into company culture, data can become a true differentiator for success and a critical resource that drives an organization’s operations and strategic objectives. But what defines a data-centric culture and how do you build one? Here’s how a few diverse global data leaders are doing it and getting results.
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Seismic Shifts are Changing the Way Data Engineers Work
Gaining Control Over Data Decay
An Article for InformationWeek
Data-Driven Culture… Does it Really Matter?
A Session Delivered at the 2021 MIT CDOIQ Symposium

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