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Open source intelligence (OSINT) is the researching, collecting, and analyzing of data from publicly available information sources for a variety of purposes. OSINT techniques are key to sifting through voluminous and rapidly growing amounts of data to find relevant information to then be fused, analyzed, and summarized into key findings and courses of action. OSINT, while often overlapping and complementary to other disciplines, such as human intelligence and signals intelligence, is a unique intelligence and information discipline. As risks and threats morph, change, and grow across an increasingly complex world and business landscape, OSINT is a core element for organizations and agencies seeking to tackle existing and new opportunities and challenges.


Guidehouse’s team of specialists is composed of a diverse array of open-source experts with the ability to apply their skills, experiences, data accesses, tools, technology know-how, and mindsets to a multitude of fields, including:

  • Company Deep Dives
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • Customer Experience Understanding & Analysis
  • Disinformation and Misinformation Analysis & Amelioration
  • Due Diligence
  • Intelligence Analysis
  • Investigations Support
  • Risk Ratings
  • Sentiment Research, Analysis, & Engagement
  • Social Media Intelligence
  • Stakeholder Identification & Mapping
  • Strategic Communications & Marketing Analysis
  • Supply Chain Integrity & Risk Management
  • Technology Horizon Scanning & Discovery
  • Social and Traditional Media Monitoring

Illustrative Capabilities

  • Social Media Research & Analysis
    • Social Media Research & Analysis (SMRA) is the ability to not only read, see, and hear what individuals, groups, and entities are posting online, but also to understand, interpret, measure, fuse, summarize, differentiate, apply advanced data analytics to, and analyze these expressions and experiences in absolute and comparative terms. Guidehouse’s SMRA is—beyond that—the refined ability to understand language and the spirit and emotions behind it within its nuanced context and at scale through text, pictures, videos, audio, symbols, and infographics across a growing array of social networks and digital platforms.
    • Our team helps government and commercial clients understand perceptions, sentiment, key drivers, awareness, influencers, trends, demographics, and more expressed by individual users across social network platforms and the ever-expanding digital universe more broadly.
  • Supply Chain Integrity & Risk Management
    • Our team assists clients in preventing and alleviating supply chain disruptions by illuminating entities in the supply chain, often to the nth tier or level, and highlighting and redressing third-party risks as a result.
    • Guidehouse identifies risks and threats stemming from producers, suppliers, shippers, cyber actors, and others—and develops a comprehensive strategy to mitigate these risks and threats using real-world operational experience from the best industry and public sector practices.
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