Case Study

Streamlining Resume Review with Workday Using RPA

Robotic process automation saved developers weeks of effort and improved analysis and flexibility in reviewing 20,000 prospect resumes.


A private national mortgage lender had over 20,000 prospect resumes in different document formats backed up on an ADP Cloud server and accessible via web uniform resource identifiers (URIs). The client wanted to review each resume, convert the resumes into PDF, Word, and HTML files, filter out bad files based on content rules, and then archive the files using secure file transfer protocol (SFTP). Once processed and archived, the resumes would be associated with prospect records in Workday.



In order to accomplish the resume review and processing, Guidehouse experts designed two UiPath automations.

The first automation retrieves resumes from the URIs as files. Playwright navigates to each resume to determine its mime type before downloading. Each resume is downloaded as a stream, and these streams (resumes) are uploaded to SFTP folders using SSH.NET. If any errors occur, they are logged for future reference. 

The second automation retrieves resumes from SFTP folders using SSH.NET and then uploads them to Workday using WorkSharp and the Workday SOAP API. Like the first automation, resumes are downloaded from SFTP as streams. WorkSharp requests are formed by string-replacing an XML template’s placeholders with values, such as the candidate ID, filename, and most importantly the Base64 representation of the resume stream. If any errors occur, they are logged for future reference. 



Both automations were successfully written, tested, and executed within 10 business days.  

Over 20,000 Resumes Were Successfully Retrieved and Uploaded — Any invalid resumes were filtered out for disposition by the team. In addition, any candidates that did not have a resume were identified and reported to the client. 

All Resumes Were Successfully Attached to the Candidate Records in Workday — Any resumes that did not have a corresponding candidate record were identified and reported to the client.   

Robotic Process Automation saved developers weeks of effort and provided the client with a greater level of analysis and flexibility than what is available when using the Workday technical tool stack. 

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