Case Study

Modern Software Development Solution


Develop an integrated and modernized platform to define risk and deliver insurance, improve oversight, and derive critical business data to drive program decisions and strategic plans.



Guidehouse delivered a tailored program-wide transformation that securely implemented a new technology platform, delivered improved insurance related processes, provided access to real-time data, and met strategic goals. Guidehouse effectively leveraged three principles, which were key in the success of the program-wide transformation.

  1. Created an agile culture across the program through the application of agile coaching and change management. Guidehouse implemented Scaled Agile Framework, operating through a shared program roadmap and vision that drove transparency and collaboration between the delivery teams, business owners, and stakeholders
  2. Developed innovative continuous integration and continuous deployment workflows and modular deployment techniques that improved development, security, and operations (DevSpecOps) processes
  3. Leveraged robust quality assurance tools, such as Katalon, to test code, which significantly decreased the risk of defects in deployments and continued building trust in software delivery



Working with our client, Guidehouse helped propel the program to become the premium IT agile application within the agency.

Guidehouse shortened the length of deployment times, minimized deployment risks, increased automation, and paved the way to release focused features more frequently. This allowed for increased capability to deliver insurance faster, increased transparency on internal processes, and is now operating in an environment that supports data driven policy making.

Our client can now define risk and rates policies delivering equitable insurance to the American Public, respond to policy changes by deploying code updates to its system every two weeks, and derive real-time risk and claims information to effectively act during a disaster event.

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