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Connected Communities Project Improves Digital Infrastructure of the Tennessee Valley

Guidehouse shaped the vision of the Tennessee Valley Authority's Connected Communities initiative to improve digital infrastructure in the region


The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) sought to align their diverse stakeholders across seven southeastern states with a common vision to improve digital infrastructure and overall quality of life by leveraging the power of data and technology, carried out through their Connected Communities (CC) Initiative. Guidehouse was chosen by TVA to lead a stakeholder process to shape a CC mission and vision for the Tennessee Valley, develop a roadmap and community resources to guide the Valley toward this future vision, support a $3 million call for pilotsto fund and accelerate uptake of projects in this area, and develop a preliminary vision and strategy for integrating CC concepts into TVA’s operations.



Guidehouse worked with TVA to engage and collaborate with over 30 stakeholders, including local governments, local power companies, and community-based organizations to codevelop a vision, mission, and the focus areas for CC that reflect the needs and priorities of local communities. Building on this, Guidehouse led development of the CC Roadmap to identify key actions and building blocks for the region to move toward its envisioned future. To that end, Guidehouse supported TVA in planning and managing a call for pilot projects seeking funding in three focus areas: equitable access to services, economic empowerment, and energy and environmental justice. TVA’s funding for selected pilots will empower local organizations to pursue innovative projects in the CC space, with lessons learned that can be shared across the region, and will inform TVA’s future CC-related efforts. Alongside this effort, Guidehouse led development of several supporting resources to help communities develop and execute localized strategies for data and technology-enabled solutions. Guidehouse also worked with TVA staff in shaping a preliminary vision and strategy for integrating CC concepts into TVA operations and advancing related solutions throughout the Valley.



After a successful response to the call for pilots, TVA will fund up to $1 million of regional project activity in each of the three focus areas. TVA was also able to make the CC Roadmap and other supporting resources publicly available on their website for communities throughout the region to leverage.  With a clear CC mission, vision and roadmap for the future, and an established network of informed stakeholders, TVA is positioned to effectively support the region in preparing it to be part of a modern electric grid and to leverage economic and environmental benefits. Guidehouse continues to assist TVA in carrying this work forward to its next phase of planning and implementation.

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Danielle Vitoff, Director

Nicole Wobus, Associate Director

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