Federal Government Sentiment Analysis

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A large department of the US federal government provides healthcare and other services for millions of constituents. The department was implementing a system to digitize records and improve integration with other federal departments. It also needed to identify insights into public sentiment surrounding this effort to ensure successful early adoption.



Guidehouse provided continuous social media research and analysis (SMRA) to drive accurate and informed awareness of the public perception of the department's program. Using state-of-the-art technologies and tools, Guidehouse’s cybersecurity experts implemented a six-step media monitoring approach which captured and analyzed information, discussions, and interactions across social media and other digital platforms.

 Federal Sentiment Analysis Case Study


Guidehouse enabled the department to gain deep insight into this critical program throughout its development and implementation by generating a real-time sentiment analysis to:

  • Aid in the development of strategic communication plans for local and national outreach to drive positive impact 
  • Assist in preparation for Congressional hearings 
  • Improve crisis communication strategies and reactions, and provide a steady read on issues surrounding the program  
  • Identify prevailing programmatic perceptions and influential sources driving public discussion 
  • Create pathways for information sharing and engagement with external stakeholders 
  • Provide real-time monitoring to assess whether negative sentiment posts had virality potential or were one-off shares 
  • Create baseline sentiment analysis for geographical campaigns to proactively address any potential areas of resistance 

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