Helping San Antonio Meet Climate Goals

Guidehouse is leading efforts that will create a path forward for the city's climate mitigation and adaptation measures


The city of San Antonio is working toward ambitious climate goals. In August 2016, San Antonio’s City Council adopted the SA Tomorrow Sustainability Plan that includes a strategy to develop a Climate Action and Adaptation Plan (CAAP). In June 2017, the council adopted a resolution in support of the Paris Climate Agreement, and in 2018, the City Sustainability Office is leading an effort to develop a CAAP that outlines a path to meeting the Paris Climate Agreement.


Guidehouse Inc. is leading the efforts of five technical working groups and a steering committee to develop the mitigation and adaptation measures that will ultimately be included in the CAAP. Beyond the technical aspects of the project, climate equity is a significant consideration of the CAAP development process, and Guidehouse is facilitating the work around this topic to develop tools for embedding a consideration of climate equity in the process. The complete project will include the development of a greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory; the quantification of a Paris Climate Agreement-compliant GHG reduction target; mitigation scenario development and cost/benefit analysis; and a detailed adaptation plan. 


The comprehensive CAAP document will be finalized in Q2 2019. Interim results of this process, including recordings of all technical working group and steering committee meetings, can be found online here.

Get more insights from Doug Melnick, San Antonio’s Chief Sustainability Officer, in conversation with Danielle Vitoff, Associate Director in Guidehouse’s sustainability team.


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