Test Site Lelystad

Guidehouse supports wind industry with full-service wind energy testing facility


Wind turbine prototypes require careful testing and measurement during the trial stage to ensure safety and compliance as well as further industry innovation. Remote sensing devices, such as those using LiDAR technology, require performance tests such as classification, as well as regular verification and validation.


Since 2010, we have operated one of the largest full-service onshore wind energy test sites in the world. The testing facilities are located at Wageningen University and Research’s location near Lelystad in the Netherlands. The site provides “near offshore” conditions and takes advantage of two large predominant wind sectors to deliver IEC-compliant test site conditions.

Guidehouse provides and operates the site infrastructure such as access roads and a high-speed glass-fibre network, as well as an 81m and a 120m IEC compliant measurement masts. Next to the 120m mast, there is a plug-and-play test pad used for state-of-the-art remote sensing performance tests. The diversity and complexity of the test range from validation, verification, and classification tests for LiDAR and SoDAR remote sensing systems to custom-designed tests that help our customers’ products and market development.


Guidehouse has conducted a comprehensive range of wind turbine prototype testing and certification measurement works including power curve and power performance, site assessment, power quality, sound emission, mechanical loads, site calibration and grid code certification. These services make a major contribution to further innovation in the wind power industry.

Since 2011, we have performed over 70 individual remote sensing tests. Having worked with the world’s leading wind remote sensing manufacturers such as Leosphere, ZephIR, Pentalum, Vaisala, AQ Systems, Fulcrum, and Mitsubishi, we have gained a deep understanding of the different technologies, allowing us to best apply this knowledge in the field, delivering cutting-edge wind measurement methods and technology application, all preparing for future international standards.

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