Mobile Prevention: Community Health on Wheels

BryanLGH Health System

  • Not-for-Profit Health System based in Lincoln, NE
  • 2 acute care facilities; Multiple outpatient clinics
  • ByranLGH Heart Institute was started in 2001 and offers diagnostic, interventional, preventative and surgical treatment programs.

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BryanLGH’s Mobile Screening Unit

  • Mobile trailer with three screening bays
  • Same diagnostic equipment as Heart Institute
  • Staffed with one dedicated Registered Nurse and rotating technologists
  • Unit marketed through employers, hospitals and health fairs
  • HealthAware provides marketing, call-to-action, scheduling, & tracking of services and referrals
  • HealthAware Screening packages for Heart, Vascular and Stroke
  • 500 average annual screenings
  • 10% of those screened are referred for follow-up
  • Over $1M in charges generated in first 18 months

Employer Outreach: State Farm Insurance

  • Over 1,600 employees in Lincoln
  • Completed nearly 700 risk assessments & over 100 clinical consultations 
    • Many referred back to PCP to monitor Blood Pressure and Cholesterol
    • All encouraged to utilize State Farm’s Occ. Health Nurse
  • The HeartAware Employer Report identifies various vulnerabilities


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  • More than 7,500 completed risk assessments, nearly 1,000 verified clinical consultations, and more than 2,400 resulting patient encounters
  • Over 400 physician referrals tracked through the HealthAware program
  • HealthAware Heart, Vascular and Sleep modules currently active
  • Significant positive shift in Payer Mix from HealthAware participants (see above)
  • Over $8 Million in charges generated to date

Success Stories: Leah McClement, BSN, RN, HealthAware Screener

  • “HealthAware provides an easy entry point into the often-intimidating world of healthcare.”
  • “HealthAware facilitates partnerships with local industry which foster healthy work forces & strengthen our community presence.”
  • “One seemingly-healthy gentleman in his late 60’s came to a HeartAware screening with his wife and discovered previously unknown risk factors.  This resulted in a cardiology consultation, heart catheterization and subsequent bypass surgery within 2 weeks.  He is extremely grateful to the program and believes to this day that HeartAware saved his life.”


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