Baptist Health South Florida Saves $28 Million through KPI Net Patient Revenue Improvements

Navigant/Baptist Health Joint Venture - Health System Solutions - Enhances Hospital and Physician Revenue Cycle Performance


In 2016, Baptist Health South Florida was exploring strategies to enhance its revenue cycle operations while furthering its commitment to improving patient and employee engagement. Similar to providers nationwide, the Coral Gables-based health system was challenged with collecting payment for services provided, especially with patients responsible for more of their healthcare costs through high-deductible health plans. The situation was magnified by growing consumer demand for a more connected care experience, as well as growth and margin compression due to reimbursement evolution.


Some providers have explored partnerships or outsourcing to enhance revenue cycle efficiencies. After a series of discussions buoyed by the announcement of a revenue cycle outsourcing arrangement at UAB Medicine, Baptist Health leveraged its long-standing relationship with Guidehouse to create Health System Solutions (HSS), a joint venture entity to manage its revenue cycle operations. 

HSS opened its doors on July 9, 2018, with 560 employees transitioned from Baptist Health’s revenue cycle department to HSS. The new organization combines Baptist Health’s highly skilled staff and focus on quality service with Guidehouse’s Best in KLAS revenue cycle outsourcing expertise, innovative processes, and scale. Led by a team of revenue cycle executives from all three organizations, HSS manages Baptist Health’s revenue cycle, including health information management, revenue integrity, patient access, and physician revenue management.

“That the HSS team was able to launch a new company, transition 560 employees and add dozens more, and still drive this level of success, is a true testament to the team’s dedication, focus, and leadership,” said Matthew Arsenault, executive vice president and CFO at Baptist Health. 


Baptist Health

The progress the HSS team has made in its first year played a significant role in Baptist Health’s improved financial performance. Their revenue cycle expertise is successfully driving our business office operations, with experts collaborating with leadership to create programs that capitalize on such major opportunities as denials and point-of-service collections.

Matthew Arsenault

Executive Vice President and CFO

Baptist Health South Florida

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