Customers Now Expect Businesses to Understand Them Better

CDO Magazine Interview Series

By Jonathan Shiery

In this CDO Magazine Podcast episode, Guidehouse Partner Jonathan Shiery is joined by Tiffany Perkins-Munn, Managing Director and Head of Marketing Data and Analytics at JPMorgan Chase and Co. to discuss her educational and professional journey, the importance of psychology in data science and AI to promote hyper-personalization, the value of access and technology, and development of AI algorithms to drive business value.

Highlighting her professional journey, she mentions having an extensive background in financial services, having worked in consumer banking, retail, investment banking, global markets, sales and trading, as well as a hedge fund. As a result, she has had the opportunity to observe the behaviors of market participants, from traders to analysts to portfolio managers. Through all the lenses of the different firms she has worked with, Perkins-Munn has investigated and analyzed many different players in the financial services landscape.

Now that data is abundant, businesses are recognizing the importance of hyper-personalization for customer satisfaction. Banks, for example, may leverage customer data and AI algorithms to understand preferences, behaviors, and transaction history, using this to offer tailored product recommendations, targeted offers, and specific campaigns. Due to the advances in technology, customers have come to expect that their assigned institutions will understand who they are and interact accordingly to engage with topics that are important to them.

Highlighting real-time analytics and decision-making, Perkins-Munn elucidates how artificial intelligence-powered analytic platforms enable banks and other firms to process and analyze large volumes of data in real time. This leads to more accurate decisions that enable the companies to quickly respond to current market trends, customer needs, and emerging risks.

Watch the full video interview below to learn more. 

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