IT Workforce Modernization

Impactful Solutions for the IT Workforce of the Future

Organizations face significant challenges in attracting, recruiting, and retaining their IT workforce. Competition for employees with IT skill sets is fierce and the workforce has specific expectations of their employers. Further complicating the need to compete for top IT talent, is that the skills that are needed keep evolving – making it challenging for organizations to successfully identify necessary skills in the near-term and the future.

The IT workforce landscape is changing—rapidly. Expectations around the employee experience have shifted, especially among the IT workforce. IT workers now expect a more humanized employee experience to foster a deeper connection at work. The IT workforce expects to be able to work where—and when— they want.


IT Workforce Modernization Challenges

The changing landscape of the IT workforce has resulted in several core challenges for organizations looking to modernize their workforce.

Rapid technological change — Organizations have to hire for skills that do not yet exist.

Fierce competition for IT talent — The demand for highly skilled IT talent is increasing, but there is limited talent available.

Changing landscape of employee expectations — Employees expect more from their jobs, particularly in terms of flexibility, benefits, and meaningful work.

Low retention rates — Generational tenure expectations have shifted.

Our approach to IT workforce modernization focuses on four main facets of IT workforce management and development:

  • Workforce Planning
  • Recruitment and Retention
  • Employee Experience
  • Upskilling and Reskilling

We approach IT workforce management with an in-depth understanding of what the IT workforce needs and wants from the work and workplace to deliver impactful outcomes:


IT Workforce Modernization Graphic


Guidehouse’s Approach

Guidehouse helps organizations plan and grow their IT workforce with the future in mind.

graph outlining the IT workforce modernization process 


Delivering Impact for IT Workforces

Guidehouse has decades of experience partnering with our clients to develop and implement effective talent strategies tailored to their unique people, processes, and technology needs to help them build a sustainable and resilient workforce.

With Guidehouse, our clients can achieve their workforce modernization goals whether they be to realize a sustainable, but nimble recruitment and hiring process that builds diverse talent pools or to cultivate a distinctive employee experience that addresses today’s challenges, while preparing for the future of work. We have also helped clients align the employee and customer experiences and helped them with workforce planning and analytics to inform IT-talent-related decision-making that maximizes the use of limited resources.

Guidehouse can be a partner in building your IT workforce of tomorrow—whatever that might look like.


This article is co-Authored by Elisa Marmol and Elena Milkusky.

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