Creating Opportunity Through Change

On change we can depend. And we willingly embrace change because it is progress.


As the adage goes, “the only thing that is constant is change.” While this idea may be upsetting to some, it has always been energizing to me. Change creates new opportunities. It forces us to reassess our direction and find better ways forward. And it has the potential to mobilize entire groups or organizations to ultimately become more effective and more valuable.

Many companies find themselves in the midst of change now. The Fourth Industrial Revolution and other megatrends are creating new business models and transforming industries at a rapid pace. When faced with change, some companies stubbornly maintain their paths, while others seek to evolve at varying degrees. From my perspective, one of the keys to thriving in changing conditions is to ensure you can assess, innovate, and adapt, all while maintaining an unwavering focus on the original framework of your long-term goals and the foundation that aligns your business.

Take Guidehouse’s recent decision to sell its dispute advisory business, once the centerpiece of the company. With strategic intent, the sale transaction allowed Guidehouse to streamline its focus on management consulting and managed service offerings in industries where we have deep domain expertise and an ability to enable technology for our clients’ benefit. Moreover, we also now have substantial resources to invest in new capabilities — a crucial advantage when responding to change.

At Guidehouse, our clients across the energy, healthcare, and financial services industries are seeking different types of solutions as they work to understand how to harness digital technologies. And Guidehouse is changing in response to this evolution in our clients’ needs. During the past several years, we have focused on building capabilities around innovation, digital technologies, and analytics. As a result, we have many new service offerings and much of our growth has been fueled by solutions involving technology, data, and processes. Such investments have enabled our organization to serve clients more effectively and to build deeper relationships across the spectrum of their operations.

The sum of these movements has enabled Guidehouse to remain strategically focused while strengthening a close alignment with our clients in a highly differentiated fashion. Our business is now concentrated in industries facing significant risk and transformation. We also have more visibility into the origins of emerging client opportunities and greater flexibility to invest in new services and solutions.

At the same time, we also recognize that while change is essential, everyone needs a foundation to tether them to home, so to speak. This is where our mission, vision, and values play a crucial part in the successful outcomes of change. These provide the guiding principles upon which you can depend, to have a solid footing to rely on when expectations change, and to serve as the point of alignment among many priorities and initiatives. 

On change we can depend. And we willingly embrace change because it is progress. Industries will evolve and technology will disrupt, but businesses that stay true to their mission, vision, and values will be best positioned to address these emerging challenges and to leverage new opportunities for success.

This article originally appeared on LinkedIn.

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