The Value of ASMC Involvement

Featuring Sue Goodyear, DLA Finance J8 Director and CFO and current President of ASMC's Washington Chapter to discuss latest ongoing in the financial management space.

In this episode of the "All Things Financial Management" podcast, presented by the Society of Defense Financial Management (SDFM), formerly known as American Society of Military Comptrollers (ASMC), and Guidehouse, Ms. Sue Goodyear, DLA Finance J8 Director and Chief Financial Officer and current President of ASMC’s Washington Chapter, sat down with host Tom Rhoads to discuss the latest ongoings in the financial management space. The pair discuss Ms. Goodyear’s path to her current role, her experience as President of the ASMC Washington Chapter, advice for young professionals and more. Listen to this new episode to gain valuable insight.




Ms. Goodyear's Story

Tom Rhoads: We've been excited for this podcast, been looking forward to it, and one of the things we wanted to ask you is if you could take just a moment and share with us your background and what brought you to your current position as the Defense Logistics Agency's Chief Financial Officer. In other words, could you tell us your story? 

Ms. Goodyear: Absolutely could. As long as you don’t ask me how long it is-

Tom Rhoads: (laughs). 

Ms. Goodyear:  ... and how long I’ve been in government service, I’ll be good. Uh, no, but 
I started out as supply clerk a lot of years ago as a GS2. I don’t even think they have those 
any more in civil service, but we moved to Indiana after a few years and then I got selected 
into the intern program at Fort McPherson, Georgia in the budget arena, the budget career 
field, and that’s really my passion. That’s where I like to work, obviously, spending a lot more 
of my time now in audit and accounting, which is a great learning opportunity for me. But 
after I went through the intern program, I also moved up into U.S. Army Forces Command 
which was stationed there at Fort McPherson in Georgia with me with where I was. In the 
Army Command, though, I stayed there, and this is something I tell people don’t do what 
I did, but I stayed there almost 18 years. I did policy, I did systems, I did programming. I 
finally culminated my career in the comptroller field as the Deputy Budget Officer for U.S. 
Army Forces Command, and then I went to senior service college for a year here in the 
Washington, D.C. area, what is Eisenhower now, and then from there when I returned I 
went back to U.S. Army Forces Command as the Chief of Force Management.


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About ASMC: The American Society of Military Comptrollers is the nonprofit educational and professional organization for individuals, military, civilian, corporate, or retired involved or interested in the field of defense financial management. ASMC promotes the education and training of its members and supports the development and advancement of the profession of defense financial management. The society provides membership, education and professional development and certification programs to keep members in the overall financial management community abreast of current issues and encourages the exchange of information, techniques, and approaches.


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