Utility's Role in Electricity's Future - Northeast Executive Roundtable - Part 2

In the second part of the Executives’ Roundtable discussion, Guidehouse and Public Utilities Fortnightly examine new products and services in the utility industry with seven utilities from the Northeast

Guidehouse and Public Utilities Fortnightly (PUF) recently sat down with executives from seven utilities in the Northeast for a two-part discussion on current industry challenges, changes ahead, and how to prepare for utility's role in electricity's future. The latest issue of PUF details the second part of the discussion, which was led by Jan Vrins, leader of Guidehouse's global Energy practice. 

During the session, Vrins focused on how new products and services are expected to create new revenue streams for utilities, augmenting traditional, declining revenue. Execs weighed in on regional value streams, what comes after grid modernization, and the considerations involved in creating new customer offerings. 

"From listening to these utility execs, it seems the death spiral is a myth," Vrins said. "Utilities have already started to adapt to a new energy reality, where providing basic power to customers in a safe, reliable, and affordable way is only part of the business."


See what insights the execs had to share in the discussion, and catch up on highlights from the first part of the discussion here.

Also be sure to read Navigating the Energy Transformation, the latest installment of Guidehouse’s Energy Cloud analysis, offering a framework for approaching strategic planning in a time of rapid evolution.   

Utilities will now orchestrate a more intelligent, distributed, and cleaner grid, offering new, enhanced, and individualized energy products and services to their customers. And they will be ready to compete.

Jan Vrins
Global Energy Practice Leader

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