Moving Beyond Traditional Energy Efficiency Programs

In a Utility Dive article, Guidehouse discusses how market transformation programs can benefit utilities

Over the past 30 years energy efficiency programs have been operating in various markets, helping to change efficiency codes and standards. These changes have caused savings potential to decrease for utilities.

In a Utility Dive article, Guidehouse’s Jan Harris, associate director, discussed why market transformation programs are a compelling alternative to traditional energy efficiency programs.

Illinois recently passed a law that transfers the state’s market transformation programs from the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity to utilities. To learn more about these programs ComEd and Guidehouse held a Market Transformation Summit which explored several themes to help utilities make the transition easier, they addressed the following issues:

  • How does market transformation work in today’s energy efficiency portfolio?
  • What are the must-have components of a market transformation initiative?
  • What market transformation initiatives could be pursued today?

Harris concluded, “Utilities interested in learning more about how to develop market transformation initiatives as part of a comprehensive portfolio of energy efficiency programs have a wide variety of resources to draw from.”

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