Improving Air Quality with Electric Buses

In a GreenBiz article, Guidehouse Insights discusses the benefits of electric bus fleets

Air quality and vehicle emissions concerns are rising globally, with air pollution named as a top risk factor for death and disability. As a result, governments are working to improve ambient air quality in their areas.

In a GreenBiz article, Guidehouse Insights’ William Drier, research analyst, discussed the evolving bus market and how it is capitalizing on electric after being dominated by internal combustion engines.

The electric bus market is becoming increasingly popular due in part to transportation agencies setting goals to transition to zero-emissions fleets. While China’s electric bus market has advanced beyond other areas of the world because of government support, electric bus sales are expected to grow globally in markets prioritizing the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and improving air quality. 

Government policy isn’t the only reason electric buses are increasing in popularity; they have several benefits over conventional internal combustion engine buses. The pros of bus electrification include:

  • Lower total cost of ownership if managed correctly
  • Air quality improvements
  • Lower GHG emissions

“Reducing transportation-related emissions is a global priority; electrification offers a reasonable path to reaching that goal,” Drier said. “The industry should work closely with fleets and governments to insure such a transition goes as smoothly as possible.”

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