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Connecting Companies and Utilities Through Innovation

Through a series of Public Utilities Fortnightly articles, Guidehouse documents the success behind New York State's REV Connect model and its influence on utilities nationwide


Reforming the Energy Vision, REV Connect, is a New York State initiative that brings together utilities and companies to build a cleaner, more affordable, and resilient energy system through innovation and efficiency. It creates a space for third parties to submit partnership ideas and to receive expert direction and feedback, by matching ideas with utilities to advance New York State’s Energy system.

Now an award-winning project, REV Connect did not come without lessons and challenges for the teams that created it. In a series of Public Utilities Fortnightly articles, Guidehouse explores the different aspects of what has made REV Connect a success and how the REV Connect model is being applied in other states. 

Today we are seeing a shift in these patterns as vendors move from solution providers to potential partners in future energy business models.

Dan Bradley
Managing Director

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