Automakers Transitioning from Keys to Mobile Entry

In a CNBC article, Guidehouse Insights discusses why automakers are moving away from traditional car keys and what challenges they face

Most new vehicles in the U.S. are moving away from traditional keys and instead coming equipped with push-button starters that connect wirelessly to fobs or smart phones.

In a CNBC article, Sam Abuelsamid, principal research analyst at Guidehouse Insights, discussed what this transition means for consumers and how keyless technology is evolving.

“For consumers, there’s a big convenience factor switching from traditional mechanical keys to some sort of wireless digital key,” Abuelsamid said. 

He also noted that keyless technology speed is expected to increase. Currently, it can take a few seconds or more for a vehicle to respond to remote commands from a smartphone. However, automakers are scheduled to release vehicles with an “ultra-wideband” connection that can communicate and respond in milliseconds versus the traditional Bluetooth. 

“You’re going to start seeing more of this ultra-wideband technology be used in vehicles going forward,” Abuelsamid said. “It can send a lot more messages back and forth between the transmitter and receiver.”

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