Adopting Advanced Distribution Planning at Utilities

In an article for Energy Central, Guidehouse shares how new systems and processes are transforming the traditional electric utility distribution system planning process

Grid modernization and other market forces are challenging the traditional and predictable distribution planning models and processes that electric utility planners have relied on in the past. 

In an article for Energy Central, Gene Shlatz, director at Guidehouse, explained how adopting an advanced distribution planning (ADP) model can help electric utility planners transform how they plan and design their power delivery system to adapt to technological advances. As the energy system and industry transforms, an ADP process can help utility planners overcome challenges including, higher customer expectations, financial constraints, and times of uncertainty. 

Shlatz explained that ADP helps organize resources across utilities to achieve competing objectives, including:

  • Enabling integration of DER
  • Enhancing reliability and resiliency
  • Assisting budget management
  • Offering new services and rate incentives to its customers 

“ADP provides utility planners with a set of tools and processes to effectively manage the increasingly complex landscape of alternatives and strategies and transform their way of supporting utility organizations.” Shlatz said.

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