Electrification Drives the Need for Energy Efficiency

In a Smart Energy International article, Guidehouse Insights shares how technology is helping to drive electrification transformation and decarbonization

More customers are adopting electric technologies to lower their utility bills, engage with new efficiency technologies, access plug-and-play ease of use, and reduce their carbon footprint. This is creating growing capacity constraints on the aging infrastructure for providers.

In an article for Smart Energy International, Jessie Mehrhoff, research analyst at Guidehouse Insights, explained how utilities can benefit from adopting energy efficiency as a near-immediately deployable solution to cope with the accelerating electrification transformation.

She said the chasm between beneficial electrification, which calls for using more electricity, and energy efficiency, which calls for using less electricity, are not mutually exclusive.

Mehrhoff highlighted four energy efficiency program strategies that integrate these two ideas:

  • Targeted energy efficiency to improve cost-effectiveness and locational value
  • Efficiency to improve customer engagement
  • Efficiency as a tool to support climate targets
  • Energy efficiency remains a critical tool for electrification

“Energy efficiency serves as a readily available tool to address the challenges associated with more demand on the electric grid,” Mehrhoff said. “By implementing strategic energy efficiency programs alongside strategic electrification, utilities can help maintain grid reliability and work to reduce T&D expenditure, engage their customers, and reduce their GHG emissions.”

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