Switching to Electric Fleets for Corporate Sustainability

Guidehouse supports the World Business Council for Sustainable Development with creating the first comprehensive guide for corporate electric vehicle fleet adoption

Mobility systems are essential to the modern economy, as companies rely on their fleets to deliver goods and services to consumers. Fleets are not only a huge expense to maintain and operate, but they also contribute to continuous carbon emissions, further impacting climate change.

In partnership with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and other corporations, Guidehouse has launched the first comprehensive Guide for Corporate Electric Vehicle (EV) Fleet Adoption to help companies transition to fleet electrification. 

By electrifying their fleets, companies can reduce their costs and contribute to decarbonization, climate change, improved air quality, and citizen health. The guide outlines a four-step process on how to make the transition to EV fleets:

  1. Initiate: Identify opportunity, assess feasibility, engage internal and external stakeholders
  2. Prepare: Learn from others, map challenges, and engage vendors
  3. Implement: Build the charging solution, deploy the EVs, and collect and track data
  4. Evaluate & Adapt: Analyze the data, engage industry, and innovate 

The Corporate EV Fleet Adoption Guide is an evolving, long-term initiative. Progress and updates will continue to be added to the guide.

Access the Corporate EV Fleet Adoption Guide

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