White House Chronicle: How Microgrids are Changing Electricity Supply

Guidehouse examines how energy consumers will benefit from distributed energy generation


Guidehouse has partnered with White House Chronicle to produce a twelve-part television series featuring interviews with industry leaders on the overarching topics of climate change, resiliency, sustainability, and new technologies.

In episode nine, Guidehouse’s Michelle Fay, partner, and Peter Asmus, associate director, discussed with host Llewellyn King the future energy transformation and its impact on the electric supply and suppliers.  

During the conversation, the pair explained how distributed generation and microgrids are playing a large part in the evolving energy landscape. In particular, Peter refers to our newly launched white paper “Integrated DER: Orchestrating the Grid’s Last Mile” and how the platforms mentioned in the paper optimize distributed energy. They also discussed the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Order 2222, which focuses on how distributed energy resources can be better integrated and bring more renewable energy resources into the grid.  


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