Closing the Gender Gap in the Utilities Industry Requires More Than Just a Seat at the Table

In an interview with Public Utilities Fortnightly, Guidehouse examines gender equity and inclusion in the utilities industry and the actions organizations should take to close the gender gap

Until recently, women were underrepresented in the utilities industry. The tide is beginning to turn as many more females are starting careers in the energy sector. Guidehouse’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) report shows that that there are equal numbers of women entering the workforce, but the real challenge is getting females through the pipeline and into leadership roles.

In an interview with Public Utilities Fortnightly (PUF), Michelle Fay, partner in the Energy, Sustainability, and Infrastructure segment at Guidehouse, says organizations in the utilities industry can take actionable steps to close the gender gap. 

“Mentoring is a big part of our jobs. It’s important to show younger women in the organization, as we bring them into the company, what’s possible, how to be successful in their careers, and how to accomplish the things they may want to do personally and professionally,” Fay said. “To do this, we need to help them lay out their path for success and provide coaching and guidance along the way.”

In the interview, Fay talks about Guidehouse’s decision to become a sponsor for the book, “Women Leading Utilities, the Pioneers and Path to Today and Tomorrow,” recently published by PUF, and why she decided to contribute an inspiring statement.

“As more women begin their careers or ascend to leadership roles, we must continue to work harder to close the gender gap, to give women a seat—and a voice—at the table, and to transform the old constructs of who belongs in this space,” Fay said. “This book is a powerful reminder of why, and we’re glad to be a small part of sharing these women’s stories with the world.”

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