Supply Chain Decarbonization Starts with Building Positive Relationships

In an article for GreenBiz, Guidehouse offers five actionable steps multinational corporations can take to decarbonize their supply chain

The largest climate impacts from a multinational organization originate from suppliers rather than business operations, and any robust sustainability strategy needs to include supplier engagement on decarbonization. 

In an article for GreenBiz, Jeroen Scheepmaker, associate director at Guidehouse, says that a key part of reducing emissions is building and maintaining relationships with suppliers. The article offers five actionable steps for decarbonizing supply chains and maintaining positive relationships with suppliers.

“Sustainability is important to suppliers, customers, partners and investors—not just to the enterprise itself,” explained Scheepmaker. “Creating dialogue around sustainability can create mutual benefits for collaborating organizations and the planet.”

For companies beginning the process of decarbonizing their supply chain, Scheepmaker recommends starting by understanding their supply chain context and climate impacts, articulating intentions, engaging with stakeholders, guiding and supporting suppliers, and creating results with a thorough approach.

“Starting these journeys of understanding the climate impact and the reduction potential of the supply chain is, besides challenging, also extremely impactful and satisfying,” added Scheepmaker. 

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