The Advent of the Metaverse in the Energy Industry

In an article for Energy Central, Guidehouse explains how the Energy Metaverse can improve efficiency and resilience and create new ways to engage with customers and stakeholders

As the use of the Metaverse continues to ramp-up, its applications within commerce and industry are beginning to take shape. Emerging technologies, such as digital twins, blockchain, and advanced connectivity, are key components of the Metaverse — that are also already deeply familiar to energy industry leaders.


In an article for Energy Central, Richelle Elberg, principal research analyst at Guidehouse Insights, discusses the role that the Energy Metaverse will play in key functional areas within energy companies, including employment and training, asset and system management, customer engagement, and ESG. Energy industry organizations are already embracing many of the core technological components of the Metaverse, from digital twins, extended reality, artificial intelligence and machine learning to blockchain-based applications, and more. A fully functional and secure Energy Metaverse could provide countless benefits to the industry as well as its customers and other stakeholders, including employees and regulators.


"Energy industry leaders today should be thinking about how the Energy Metaverse might fundamentally change how their businesses operate and engage with customers and staff," said Elberg.

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