Biomethane Benefits Outweigh Current Production Costs

A new study from Guidehouse reviews whole-system benefits of biomethane.

As the cheapest and most scalable form of renewable gas currently on the market, biomethane can serve as a substitute for natural gas, helping reduce greenhouse gas emissions while utilizing the existing gas infrastructure.

In a new study for the European Biogas Association (EBA), Guidehouse reviews the whole system benefits of biomethane production in Europe, highlighting that the advantages outweigh the production costs. According to the report, anaerobic digestion could deliver an additional benefit of 84-175 €/MWh of biomethane produced, while thermal gasification could deliver an additional 80-162 €/MWh. These benefits exceed the current costs of using these technologies to produce biomethane, 55-100 €/MWh and 85-110 €/MWh for anaerobic digestion and thermal gasification respectively.


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Watch highlights from the report in the below webinar.

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