Assessing the Feasibility of Residential Vehicle-to-Grid

Guidehouse presents a roadmap for how V2G can become a wide-scale future offering in the UK

As ambitious net-zero targets continue to drive the electrification of heat and transport, system flexibility is key to balancing energy supply and demand. In a white paper commissioned by the Powerloop Consortium, Guidehouse experts discuss the important role that vehicle-to-grid (V2G) can play in providing grid flexibility and increasing resilience, especially as bans on new internal combustion engine vehicles expand across markets. V2G involves the vehicle actively exporting power to the grid at times of high demand, capitalizing on the ability of electric vehicles (EVs) to store and discharge power.

"In the current economic and political climate, rising energy prices and the need for resilience have become increasingly important national issues that could be addressed to a degree with the mainstream adoption of V2G," explain Sagie Evbenata, managing consultant, and Alex Jakeman, associate director, in the white paper.

The white paper also discusses Powerloop—a trial assessing the feasibility of residential V2G that was awarded funding as part of a competition established to develop V2G products, services, and knowledge. Powerloop offered customers a bundled proposition—including an EV car lease, bi-directional V2G charger, a smart tariff, and an app—to understand customer needs, improve V2G connection to the grid, drive optimization, and deliver value across the value chain.

"Raising the profile of V2G as a technology and educating consumers about its benefits will be critical to mass adoption," emphasize Evbenata and Jakeman in the white paper. "Furthermore, this would be strongly supported by technological advancements on the hardware sides lowering costs, as well as wider car choice availability."



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