Supplier Leadership on Climate Transition Impact Report

In a recent report, Guidehouse shares how its commitment to educating and mentoring suppliers has an exponential impact on global supply chains.

At Guidehouse, how we engage with suppliers is critical to reducing Scope 3 greenhouse gas emissions. That is why we created the Supplier Leadership on Climate Transition (Supplier LOCT), which is a platform for companies to come together in a pre-competitive environment to address the challenges of supply chain emissions. This collaboration gives sustainability leaders the opportunity to provide actionable climate training for their value chain partners.

Supplier LOCT invites companies dedicated to climate action to join the collaborative partnership and provides an online learning environment managed by Guidehouse to educate supply chain companies on their climate goals. Over the last several years, Supplier LOCT has guided over 850 suppliers worldwide in learning to measure, monitor, and reduce emissions through expert-led workshops and mentoring.

In a new report published by Supplier LOCT, we outline partners' progress in their organizations and how their work makes a difference for the people, places, and products they develop. In addition, stories from suppliers are shared, exemplifying how they are creating change within their organizations – from building sustainability teams to shifting entrenched business norms to developing new products and services with smaller footprints. This report highlights the following:

  • How Supplier LOCT Works
  • Partner and Supplier Success Stories
  • Supplier LOCT's Path to Acceleration
  • Supplier Learning Journey and Outcomes
  • Instructions for Action
  • What's Next?


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