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Financial institutions are often faced with new complexities when looking to reduce compliance costs while balancing talent gaps and resource constraints with the demand to maintain rigorous monitoring and reporting standards. Many are turning to outsourcing to support these needs with newfound efficiencies and effectiveness for their organization.


Guidehouse’s latest survey conducted in cooperation with Compliance Week, reveals how financial institutions (FIs) are doing “more with less” by partnering with outsourcing providers. Most of the respondents to our survey who are outsourcing believe it is helping their companies improve efficiency and effectiveness. This survey shows how FIs:
  • Determine the maturity of outsourcing the financial crime-fighting compliance function landscape
  • Identify financial crime compliance functions ripe for outsourcing
  • Identify challenges and quantify value for FIs that are currently outsourcing compliance function

Learn how cutting-edge FIs use outsourcing providers to unlock program efficiency and effectiveness and handle activity surges while conducting business as usual.


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"Tighter regulations and staffing constraints are a constant concern within any compliance function’s ability to control costs while trying to maintain effectiveness in complying with regulatory requirements. Outsourcing components of a compliance function can allow businesses the ability to maintain their competitive footing while also remaining current with evolving regulatory demands."


⁠— Ali Bokhari, Global Managed Services Leader

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