The Impact of Manufacturer-Sponsored Patient Service Programs

With medicines becoming more specialized and costs rising, the delivery of specialty products has increased in its complexity. Patients need more education and assistance in finding ways to access, pay for and learn about new products and therapies. Manufacturer-sponsored patient service programs are designed to respond to these concerns. 

In this Guidehouse On Healthcare podcast episode, Guidehouse’s Dana Edwards and Casey Horton review how pharmaceutical manufacturers have been developing programs and patient hubs to assist both patients and the healthcare professionals who prescribe the products in addressing these challenges. Manufacturer-sponsored patient service programs typically provide a range of services that support patient access to therapy. Those services may include reimbursement support to help the patients navigate their insurance coverage, fast start programs to help patients gain access to products while working through insurance barriers, financial assistance to help patients pay for out of pocket expenses, patient assistance in the form of free products for uninsured patients, and educational programs to help patients initiate and stay on therapy. Edwards and Horton also spend time in this episode addressing how these programs have recently faced some government scrutiny. They also discuss the specific elements a pharmaceutical company should consider when setting up a program. 

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