Managing Your Revenue Cycle Response to COVID-19


The impact of COVID-19 is not only posing significant challenges to clinicians, but to revenue cycle operations as well. As providers across the country continue to navigate these difficult times, it’s vital revenue cycle teams stay up to date with the latest COVID-19 developments and guidelines. In order to help your organization, adapt and succeed in this rapidly changing environment we’ve created this page to house several helpful resources addressing both immediate tactical priorities and long-term strategic response planning. Below you’ll find:

  • On-demand video of our on-going webinar series: Managing your Revenue Cycle Response to COVID-19
  • Billing guidelines to help keep your cash flow going
  • Coding tips
  • Telehealth updates

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Revenue Cycle Covid Response

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Supporting Documentation

 Download our revenue cycle operational continuity checklist


COVID-19 Billing Recommendations

Coding Tips

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