Advancing CMS' Vision for Price Transparency

Learn how CMS can achieve meaningful compliance for price transparency and advance other key imperatives, including promoting health equity and the shift to value-based care delivery.

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Price transparency is CMS’ opportunity to move the needle on the Triple Aim by incentivizing payers and providers to coordinate response efforts that empower the most vulnerable patient populations. However, complying with the policy has been a major challenge for many payers and providers. Guidehouse has been working with payers and providers to evaluate their pricing data and compliance strategies to reduce overall financial risk and deliver targeted competitive intelligence via its (in)Sight Health™ platform. In doing so, Guidehouse has received valuable feedback, experience, and directional guidance for current and future CMS initiatives.

Using Guidehouse’s technology solutions, our in-house data scientists aggregate pricing and compliance data to identify trends in price transparency compliance nationwide while our managed care experience can inform future compliance principles. This includes standardizing guidelines to further enhance pricing data, and layering on quality and outcomes data to empower consumers to shop for services based on outcomes and not just costs.

These insights are designed to advance additional CMS imperatives that could benefit from proper adoption of price transparency while incentivizing payers and providers to coordinate response efforts that empower those most vulnerable.

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