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Thank you for visiting Guidehouse at the recent International Society for Pharmacoeconomics And Outcomes Research (ISPOR) conference.

Please find our key documents below detailing our Global Market Center of Excellence offering, including the posters we have displayed at recent conferences.



Fact Sheets

Life Sciences Global market Access Centre of Excellence
We believe that market access is an integral part of optimal product development and life cycle planning. To be successful, life science companies must integrate market access insights into clinical and commercial decision-making.

Multi-Market, Multi-Stakeholder Research
Operationalizing multi-country, multi-stakeholder  qualitative research to address a broad range of strategic questions for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries.

Value Proposition Optimization
Engaging client teams to surface value drivers across domains; substantiate evidence; and assess gaps as part of aligning on the value proposition and key value message themes to meet stakeholder needs.

Business Development, Licensing & Acquisition
When assessing licensing and acquisition opportunities, it is essential to take a systematic approach to understanding the access potential of the asset by evaluating the likelihood, timing and post-launch sustainability of a potential asset.

International Reference Pricing, Launch Sequence Optimisation and Life Cycle Management
Proprietary international reference pricing model for therapeutic reference pricing, parallel trade and generic entry, to inform understanding of anticipated price evolution over time.

Mock Negotiation Workshops
Guidehouse has considerable experience organizing mock negotiation workshops across different geographies and across a range of therapeutic areas.

Innovative Pricing Models/Managed Entry Agreements for Improving Access
Guidehouse has extensive experience developing tailored financial and outcomes-based innovative pricing models to inform internal decision making as well as external negotiations with payers.

Non-Interventional Studies to Support Payer & Clinical Decision Making: A Retrospective Chart Review
Guidehouse applies traditional and innovative methods for collecting real-world data through a combination of retrospective chart review, database extraction and patient survey methodologies.

Navigating U.S. Market Access
Guidehouse's Life Sciences practice designs client solutions for the current and future state of the turbulent and rapidly changing US healthcare environment.

China Credentials
China is now the world’s second largest pharmaceutical market due to increasing health care spending and strong growth, underpinned by a host of macro-economic drivers.


Evaluating Interventions Under the Bundled Payments for Care Improvement (BCPI) Initiative - A Case Study for the COPD Market

Hospital Performance on Quality Measures:  Approaches to Fair Cross-Hospital Comparisons and Value Based Payments

Impact of Implementing International Reference Pricing on Pharmaceutical Prices for United States Medicare

Long Term Value in a Short-Term Market: Is Exchange Business Turnover Impacting the Pharmaceutical Value Equation?

How are US Payers Using Emerging Pharmaceutical Value Frameworks?

A Decision Option Approach to Antibotic Development 

Brexit and Grexit Payer Viewpoints and Expectations

Establishing the value of Emerging Biosimilars

Impact of Grexit on Pharmaceutical Pricing

Adoption of Managed Entry Agreements in Established and Emerging Markets

Consolidation of China's two basic Medical Insurance Programs

Impact of China's lack of inclusion on the National Drug Reimbursement List

Impact of National Orphan Drug Policy and Reimbursement Mechanisms

Improving Access to New Oncology Drugs in the China Market

Upcoming Regulations on Insurance Reimbursemet Standard in China


Life Sciences Global Market Access Brochure

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