Do Your Patient Services Align With Your Commercial Objectives?

Med Device Online

After making it through the rigorous processes of product development and regulatory approval, a commercial stage company ideally should know precisely customers’ needs related to access and a strategy to meet those needs. Unfortunately, companies often apply a one-size-fits-all program template because, maybe, for example, it worked in the past or “that’s what our competitors are offering.”

Just as new products require unique journeys from concept through development to gain approval, they also need customized strategies to gain traction once on the market. A successful product commercialization program takes a multifunctional, multichannel approach that adroitly positions the product with stakeholders – patients, providers, and payers – across the care continuum.

As a critical component to this continuum, support services must be designed to attract and benefit the ideal patient and provider targets. Thoughtful consideration and planning must drive patient access and uptake, and mechanisms need to be implemented to evaluate effectiveness. As such, manufacturers should view each new product launch as a unique event, and create a program specific to the drug or device, especially with respect to the patient and provider journeys, as well as relevant regulations.

This article examines how to determine the level of support services required for your new product launch, as well as considerations for setting up those support services compliantly.

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