2022 NASCIO State CIO Survey Report - The People Imperative

Looking to the Post-Pandemic Future and Thinking about Long-Term Impacts to the State Technology Landscape

The year 2022 continues to be impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, but also has state chief information officers (CIOs) looking to the post-pandemic future and thinking about long-term impacts to the state technology landscape. In this thirteenth edition of the State Chief Information Officer Survey, we received feedback from 51 state and territory CIOs on topics as diverse as business models, federal funding, privacy and state and local collaboration. A major topic that permeated the survey responses was the challenge of maintaining and growing a diverse and sustainable workforce. As one CIO framed it, “Workforce is the single largest challenge any leader faces and getting the workforce component right is the make / break success of the CIO.” We asked a number of specific questions related to CIO organization workforce priorities, but these challenges also presented themselves when discussing the role of the CIO, digital services and collaboration across different levels of government.

The National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) and Grant Thornton Public Sector LLC, recently acquired by Guidehouse, released the 2022 State CIO Survey, The People Imperative. The report examines key issues related to critical success factors for the state CIO, workforce, enterprise portfolio management and others.


Featured on FedHeads

In their annual drop in to FedHeads, Graeme Finley and NASCIO’s Executive Director Doug Robinson share the results of their most recent survey of State Chief Information Officers. Getting the people we need to perform for states and their citizens is a growing challenge.

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