Energy Partnership Between Germany and the United Arab Emirates Advances Energy Transition in the Gulf Region

On behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, Guidehouse facilitates bilateral cooperation in energy and hydrogen in the Gulf region

Energy partnerships and energy dialogues are key instruments of the external energy policy of the German government. They help form a global intergovernmental network that links Germany with countries that are striving to transform their energy systems and provide impetus for energy policy innovation and economic cooperation on the path toward global decarbonization.

With its partners in the Gulf region, Germany shares a strong ambition for the development of renewable energy projects, establishing international hydrogen value chains, and advancing the global energy transformation. Diversification strategies are already reshaping the energy sector in the Gulf region, while the energy transition has been a key priority for the German government for many years.

Innovative energy technologies and services, including renewable energies, efficiency, sector coupling, storage, and flexibility are transforming the power sector in Germany and globally. The ambitious expansion of renewables in the Gulf region foreseen in national energy strategies will increase local value creation and employment, and create new trade opportunities for these countries. In turn, trade, investment, and cooperation have always been strong anchors for economic and political stability.

This report outlines the progress the Gulf region and Germany have made on its energy transition path and gives an overview of national energy strategies. It presents the prosperous perspective of the energy cooperation between the Gulf region and Germany and provides an extensive catalogue of organizations and companies that are eager to share their know-how and technologies to advance the global energy transition.

For more information, read the report here.

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