Guidehouse Named Climate Strategy Advisor for Argo Blockchain

Guidehouse, a leading consultancy and solutions provider to the public and commercial sectors, has been engaged as a climate strategy advisor for Argo Blockchain, a global leader in cryptocurrency mining.

Guidehouse will research and advise on science-based solutions toward Argo's long-term strategy to eliminate its climate impact. This work will include providing a full climate action plan to achieve Argo's goal of becoming a net zero greenhouse gas (GHG) company.

“We are delighted to be working with Guidehouse to assess the options available in order to achieve our goal of becoming net zero and a climate friendly cryptocurrency miner,” said Peter Wall, chief executive of Argo Blockchain. “At Argo, we pride ourselves on being pioneers within this hugely exciting sector, and we aim to become the gold standard for other miners to ensure we are doing everything we can to secure a sustainable future for generations to come.”

To help Argo, Guidehouse will combine its depth of expertise as a global sustainability leader with its extensive experience providing advisory services to the technology industry. This uniquely positions Guidehouse as a critical partner in providing Argo with strategic recommendations to become net zero without inhibiting mining operations.

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