Where Foresight
is 20/20

Guidehouse visualizes a future where your organization achieves the goals of your mission and helps you plan to realize that vision. Shaping insights curated by a blend of the country’s leading analytical minds and advanced machine learning, we believe looking ahead is the only way to avoid being left behind.


Evolution of the Ecosystem

This age of disruption is perpetually shifting business models; requiring agile solutions across all ends of the enterprise to seize opportunity and realize full potential. Guidehouse helps your organization adapt and evolve to leverage these change agents for your competitive advantage. Setting a strategic roadmap for transformation to thrive in an ever-advancing digital world.

At Guidehouse, we believe that driving innovation is key to the long-term success and sustainability of every organization. With category-leading digital capabilities fueled by world-class analytics and IT Strategy, our experts provide a clear vision of where the future is headed and the actionable steps your agency needs to follow in arriving there effectively. Working beside you from project initiation through fulfillment to ensure you deliver upon your mission.

We also believe in the beauty of collaboration and connectivity. Evolving ecosystems across multiple platforms to strengthen the value chain; helping offset reduced budgets with new partnerships that amplify possibility. Influencing positive outcomes. Inspiring and impacting change.

Success Story

Guidehouse and The White House

Aligning IT Priorities, Strategies and Capabilities


A national consumer protection agency needed a long-term IT strategy that would allow the organization to successfully implement White House priorities alongside its core mission responsibilities. They tapped Guidehouse to define a strategic IT vision that would assess, prioritize and organize its technology capabilities and needs.


To be successful and create buy-in, Guidehouse knew we had to develop an integrated approach that included both business and technology stakeholders. We defined a set of guiding principles that married the regulator’s strategy to White House priorities including: Cloud computing, agile solution delivery, cost reduction, operational efficiencies and continuous security monitoring.


Because of the strategy we developed in partnership with our client, stakeholders across the agency had visibility into the IT strategic vision. The CIO’s office was then able to enhance technology management with a long-term strategic roadmap that aligned with capability targets. Also, we were able to implement a series of advanced IT solutions that significantly upgraded our client’s capabilities. By the end of the engagement, the regulation agency had an IT strategy in place that would support its long-term mission while enhancing its IT capabilities aligned with White House priorities.

Strategy Solutions

IT Strategy

Melding business strategy with digital leadership, Guidehouse custom technology solutions are designed to transform your organization into a more agile and able enterprise in the face of shifting market forces. Our digital visionaries will help you leverage core and emerging technologies to the fullest; integrating and optimizing your entire portfolio while ensuring you stay in compliance. In turn, equipping you to realize a technology-enabled operating model that propels you to full potential.

Cyber Strategy

More data is being generated and shared between organizations, partners and citizens than ever before. This interconnectivity and the data that fuels it are now increasingly valuable, but it’s also exposing your agency to new and evolving threats. Guidehouse helps you keep pace with advanced cyber-risk by assessing your cybersecurity program, monitoring your system framework, protecting your digital assets, and in turn, establishing greater trust both internally and externally.

Digital Strategy

The digitization of our economy is changing the way your organization operates at every touch point. While transforming to meet the needs of your stakeholders and constituents can be complex, Guidehouse is here to help you navigate a seamless transition across the enterprise. Prioritizing your strategic goals on a value-based continuum designed to drive innovation while maximizing return on investment.

Organizational Strategy

To win in the world of tomorrow, your organization must be prepared to leverage the disruptive forces of today. Guidehouse strategies will help you redefine and redesign your core operating model to become more agile, flexible and effective; integrating talent and technology in alignment with your agency’s most critical mission goals to achieve peak performance. Helping you seize every opportunity. Enabling you to truly capitalize on change.

Mission Strategy

When you align a clear set of goals with bold strategic vision, your mission is able to manifest in its full potential. Enabling your organization to challenge the future with conviction. Empowering your workforce across all levels of the organization to work with heart and soul; amidst this age of technology and disruption. At Guidehouse, we’re here by your side every step of the way, with the guidance, tools and support needed to realize this vision.

Operational Strategy

Your organization is increasingly being challenged by the complexities of shifting markets, global trends and ever-evolving digital technologies. Transforming these technologies into your competitive advantage, Guidehouse empowers your workforce to increase productivity through innovative strategies reengineered to optimize efficiencies end-to-end across the full project lifecycle for maximum value.