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A constantly shifting regulatory landscape, combined with disruptive technologies, has financial institutions struggling to identify, measure, and mitigate the organization’s unique business risks. Our financial risk advisory consultants keep pace with regulatory change, maintain an ongoing dialogue with regulators, and employ best-in-class solutions to create effective compliance programs for our clients. 

Our comprehensive approach delves deeply into the regulations and our clients’ business processes to identify and quantify each organization’s individual risks, as well as find, prioritize, and help close any gaps.

Data Analytics

Global markets and technological advancements afford banks great potential to expand and profit, but also impose great risk. Our professionals combine the expertise in building robust risk management frameworks that leverage data modeling. We help you unlock the value embedded in your data to enhance risk-based decision-making while addressing compliance demands.

Gap Analysis

Compliance programs that don’t meet statutory and regulatory requirements expose financial institutions to the risk that they may facilitate financial crime, resulting in subsequent regulatory enforcement actions. We help identify gaps in client’s compliance programs using our proprietary “gap map” and a thorough analysis of its components to identify the risk of violations and opportunities for enhancement. We provide specific recommendations based on our analysis to meet regulatory expectations and industry best practices.

Model Validations/ New York State Department of Financial Services Part 504 Review

Model validation is a critical component of your risk management process. A sound and unbiased review of your models and the governance of your systems is key. Our extensive experience in helping companies design and implement governance programs make us the ideal partner to evaluate your models and system governance. We independently review the design and implementation to identify gaps and can build an action plan to remediate critical issues.

Policy, Procedure Design & Review

We provide a comprehensive approach to assess, develop, and help implement enhancements to compliance policies, procedures, and related technology and controls. 

Risk Assessment

We work with clients to assess inherent risks using both qualitative and quantitative analysis. We then analyze the client’s policies, procedures, and internal controls to measure mitigation of these risks. Finally, we help clients design a tailored action plan to remediate residual risks to meet the institution’s risk appetite.

Transaction Monitoring, Coverage Assessment & Parameter Reviews 

The vast amount of data produced by financial institutions can challenge compliance functions in finding critical data in a timely manner. Our team of subject matter experts and technology specialists ensure detection scenarios are aligned to actual business risks. We partner with best-in-class providers to harness intelligent automation and maximize the effectiveness of our client’s monitoring program. Moreover, we are respected translators to regulators, and often develop, defend, and socialize solutions to satisfy the regulators’ expectations.

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