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Guidehouse’s financial crime consultants work with global financial institutions and fintechs to build effective and efficient risk management and compliance programs. In response to heightened regulatory scrutiny of anti-money laundering (AML), know your customer, and anti-terrorist financing policies, companies turn to Guidehouse to defend their enterprises and protect against legal, fiduciary, shareholder, and reputational risk.

As masters of financial crime risk, Guidehouse has all bases of the governance ecosystem covered. Armed with top former prosecutors, regulators, compliance officers, and consultants, we leverage our combined experience to conquer challenges from financial compliance to global investigations to enforcement.

Most importantly, we can help clients develop an efficient and proactive compliance program, enabling the identification and mitigation of issues before they become a regulatory and business risk. To that end, we view sound risk management as a competitive advantage that can preserve capital, decrease product time to market, and provide the flexibility to withstand regulatory change. 

For decades we’ve partnered with clients to drive pragmatic and right-sized solutions tailored to their risk management profile within their four walls, while our managed services solution extends our capabilities to serve clients anytime, anywhere, as a seamless extension of staff, without missing a beat in quality, effectiveness, or efficiency. Further, by unleashing the power of machine learning, our ability to find, fight, and stay ahead of bad actors is unsurpassed. This coupled with the choice to outsource provides clients a two-pronged approach to drive down the cost of compliance and reduce headcount, while maintaining compliance program integrity.

Whether a client needs to improve sanctions compliance, enhance transaction monitoring,  or drive convergence between AML and fraud functions—we’ve helped similar companies overcome these challenges through the following focus areas:

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