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Labor Expense Reduction

Guidehouse’s approach to optimizing labor resources is focused on developing a comprehensive set of solutions that will allow operational leaders to respond to rapidly changing demands, reduce labor expenses, and increase patient, physician, and employee satisfaction and engagement. Optimizing and sustaining labor resources requires designing and implementing leading practice roles and processes, and leveraging tools and technology to create more precision in matching staffing to demand. For multi-hospital systems, leveraging system-driven synergistic opportunities is also critical to optimizing the labor components of the clinical enterprise.

We partner with clients to achieve innovation in hospital operations by utilizing a three-step process:

  • Define: Identify the Opportunity
    • Quantitative benchmarking
    • Qualitative assessment
  • Discover: Develop the Solution Set
    • Industry and internal best practice roles and processes
    • Labor optimization through staffing to demand
    • Span of control
    • System synergies
    • Management tools and technologies
  • Deliver: Design and Implement
    • Process and function redesign
    • Rapid implementation and value creation
    • Monitoring and tracking mechanisms

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