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After go live, many clients have difficulty prioritizing the efforts required to realize the gains available from a next-generation system conversion. Guidehouse Healthcare EMR consultants partner with clients to execute EMR optimization plans to realize available gains within the system and staff productivity, as well as revenue capture/loss avoidance.

Guidehouse also provides content services to design and build advanced system capabilities not offered during implementation, including Work Queue Prioritization, Revenue Guardian, Reporting Analytics, and others. We do this by:

  • Technical Optimization 
    • Staffed with expert technical resources, Guidehouse offers next generation content and tools to further drive automation and staff efficiencies through technical system build. 
    • Services range across revenue cycle and provide technical content and system support to achieve desired results. 
    • Common examples include Registration Minimum Data Set, Dashboard Reporting, and Workdriver Optimization.
  • Revenue Guardian 
    • Offers technical content, design, and build to complement Epic Revenue Guardian Toolset allowing organizations to identify, halt, and resolve accounts missing appropriate charge capture. 
    • Industry leading toolset built from community based approach allowing multiple organizations to leverage, add, and refine content themselves. 

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