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Cybersecurity Solutions for Payers

It is more important than ever for healthcare organizations to be prepared for a potential privacy incident or government audit. Guidehouse works with healthcare providers, payers and pharmacy companies to establish effective privacy and security processes and programs that meet regulatory requirements and safeguard Protected Health Information (PHI).  Additionally, Guidehouse can support remediation efforts if a healthcare organization is faced with a data breach.  Our cross-functional team of Privacy and Information Security experts have held high-ranking positions within various government, law firm and healthcare organizations.

We work with clients to: 

  • Identify potential gaps within an existing HIPAA Privacy and Security Compliance Program
  • Provide tools and identify controls to reduce or eliminate identified risks and potential risks
  • Apply best practices to an existing Privacy and Security environment
  • Review current Business Associate Agreements and Third Party relationships affecting PHI
  • Establish or review processes for responding to a privacy incident/ data breach
  • Provide remediation support

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