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The healthcare industry has been undergoing widespread transformation for quite some time. But evolution is not always slow. It can happen in bursts as we saw during COVID-19, when a wave of disruption in healthcare accelerated on all sides. The collapsing fee-for-service environment, rise of the virtual workplace, push for price transparency, amplification of health equity and social determinants of health, new entrants, retail health, cyber vulnerability, new drug acceleration, and digital health will continue to grow and spread. For hospitals, health systems and physician enterprises, mastering payment, operational, and consumer disruption is key to creating sustainable margins, an engine of growth, and better overall health.

Guidehouse’s provider experts develop robust strategies and solutions that prepare organizations to be agile and resilient in the face of disruption. We leverage our multidisciplinary mindset and expertise to pull providers out of their silos and help them capitalize on unseen opportunities for collaboration and economies of scale. Our services are tailored to individual client needs, whether it be complying with changing regulations or better managing relationships between consumers, providers, families, and communities.

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“I would absolutely buy Guidehouse’s services again. I don’t want to sound like an infomercial, but Guidehouse has overdelivered on every project they have worked on. We can easily go back to them and show them the next thing we are looking at because they know us extremely well. We can create change at a fast pace with Guidehouse.

Hospital CEO/President
Financial Improvement Consulting, KLAS

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