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Effectively managed hospital-wide patient flow and capacity management helps organizations deliver the right care in the right setting at the right time, while also providing the opportunity to right size clinical workforces and allow for backfill of new patients. While traditional approaches to throughput focus on people, processes, and IT within the hospital, they do not consider the impact of post-acute availability, readmissions, or innovative care models that extend care outside of hospital settings. To solve capacity and throughput challenges, health systems must manage the entire continuum of care.

Guidehouse works with organizations to develop a holistic, cross-continuum approach to capacity and patient throughput. Our team of physicians, nurses, mid-level providers, operators, pharmacists, EHR, and post-acute experts bring diverse expertise to address operational inefficiencies, post-acute barriers, readmission drivers, EHR workflows, physician engagement, and opportunities for automation.

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