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The healthcare ecosystem has long been a target for cyberattacks due to vulnerabilities brought on by an evolving market, vast amounts of patient data, and lifesaving medical devices operating on unsecure platforms. This healthcare data is managed and shared across millions of technologies, data collectors, consumers, brokers, providers, and other users, making it very difficult to protect.

Now, it is more important than ever for healthcare organizations to be strategic about cybersecurity protections and become cyber resilient—especially during a pandemic. Both a proactive prevention program and the ability to quickly detect and respond to attacks is key to reducing the impact of cyber-related risks to your organization.

Our Solutions
Guidehouse understands the most difficult cybersecurity challenges facing public and commercial health organizations. Our cybersecurity advisors guide clients through complex technology, business, and enterprise risk management scenarios. We offer cybersecurity solutions to help our clients establish and optimize their information security operations to be better prepared to address current — and future — technology risks.


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