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Digital enablement has become a table stakes essential for both providers and health plans as more consumers expect a tech-enabled experience, with the ability to access specialty support — virtually and on demand — and out-of-the-box tools for managing care. Meanwhile, leading organizations are exploring the use of chatbots and other digital tools to boost efficiency in scheduling appointments, paying bills, receiving lab results, and understanding care plans. The move toward digital care forces leaders to consider whether they are overleveraging physical facility assets and what they should do to right-size in-person care to match current demand. It also is important to identify opportunities to lessen the risk of clinician burnout by pairing caregivers with the data they need to deliver the right care at the right time

Our Solutions

Guidehouse’s digital transformation solutions provide comprehensive problem-solving to resolve challenges facing health systems, health plans, and other organizations in capturing the full value of digital consumer engagement and care delivery. Whether addressing issues with fragmented patient and provider experience, lack of adoption of telehealth and other virtual care use cases, or challenges operationalizing consumer contact centers, we partner with clients to unify their digital health strategy and align with strategy to capture value from their digital investments.

Our team includes experts in user experience design and research, seasoned clinicians with experience operationalizing virtual care programs, and experts in health IT, patient access, and reimbursement strategy.

  • Digital Front Door and Consumer Experience: Guidehouse helps organizations take a holistic view of the consumer journey. We conduct primary research and journey mapping to identify pain points and design an experience that reflects your organization’s priorities. We emphasize strategic patient access and a frictionless patient / provider experience to help drive growth via differentiation, consumer loyalty, and engagement.

  • Virtual Care Delivery: Through COVID-19, telehealth visits have become consumer-demanded standards. We help organizations prioritize among the myriad of alternative virtual care solutions – from remote patient monitoring to hospital at home to e-ICU – to differentiate themselves from competitors, ensure adoption among providers, and align reimbursement strategies support the investment.

  • Digital Strategy: Organizations have invested in disparate pieces of technology to deliver care, connect providers, and meet regulatory requirements, but aligning these technologies to create a unified experience for all consumers is often a struggle. We take a comprehensive approach to understand organizational goals and identify opportunities for technology to enable achievement of those goals.
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