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The core mission within our revenue cycle management solution model is to improve a client’s revenue cycle processes and net revenue yield by leveraging EMR technology and best-practice operational strategies. By leveraging our industry expertise, strategic partnerships, and technology. Guidehouse's revenue cycle consultant team drives financial improvement and operational excellence positioning our clients to deliver the highest quality of care. We deliver lasting, impactful results through our culture of continuous collaboration and willingness to challenge ourselves and our clients to improve the overall financial sustainability of healthcare through the following services: 

  • Net Revenue and Process Optimization 
    • Provides unique at-risk contingent fee approach that blends operational and technical EMR enhancements to sustainably improve balance sheet and income statement impact to your organization.
    • Proven best practice EMR and operational experience to increase staff productivity, patient experience, and allow your organization to leverage the system to work by exception. 
    • Provides proactive and root cause issue identification stemming issues at the source and holding departments accountable to their performance. 
  • Organizational Redesign 
    • Today’s market leaders leverage efficient and consolidated operational models that increase economies of scale and staff expertise. 
    • Our services drive best practice operational and system implementation to support structures creating increased efficiency and accountability, including single business office workflows and consolidated scheduling and patient financial clearance. 
    • Services focus on both operational change management needs complemented with necessary system design to support the goals of your organization.
  • Contact Center 
    • The right customer experience platform will impact patient registration accuracy, billing accuracy, compliance, insurance coding and completeness of data.
    • A quality contact center drives a better patient experience and increases revenue to your organization. 
  • Clinical Integrity
    • Accurate and complete documentation by providers and clinicians is necessary to drive optimal reimbursement across the organization.
    • Services include CDI program services and both Inpatient and Outpatient provider coding audits.
    • Targeted assessments and implementation support tied to accurate documentation and coding, reducing compliance risk and supporting optimal reimbursement. 

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